BIEL light+building 2009

BIEL light+building is the International exhibition that gathers the highest referents of the Electronic, electric, and lighting industries of Latin America.
Its edition number 11 will be held from 3rd to 7th November 2009 at en La Rural.


List of Cadieel associated companies.

Foreign Trade

CADIEEL makes up strategies for the commercial promotion of the electro-electronic and Light-electronic sectors which production is currently exported to more than 40 countries of the five continents.

The Chamber

Argentine Chamber of Electronic, Electro mechanic and Lighting

The Chamber

CADIEEL is a civil partnership, without profit aims which gathers industrial companies which activities are developed in the territory of the Argentine Republic and which are related to the production of goods which contain elements or mechanic parts, electric or electronic, software elements or parts, hardware producers or integrators or software systems for plants or nets which use the above mention sectors as well as the associated services.

CADIEEL was formed on 3 May, 2004 by the merger of the Cámara Argentina de Industrias Electrónicas (CADIE) (Electronic Industries Argentine Chamber) and the Cámara Argentina de Industrias Electromecánicas (CADIEM), (Electromechanic Industries Argentine Chamber) , entities which got together to defend the interests of the involved sectors and create an electro- electronics sector with own weight in the Argentine industry. In 2008, there was a merger with the Cámara Argentina de Telecomunicaciones, Informática, Control Automático y Contenidos (CATYA).(Telecommunications, Informatics, Automatic Control and Contents Argentine Chamber).

CADIEEL represents and defends the interests of more than 3,000 companies in the electro-electronic industry which employ more than thirty thousand people and have an annual income of more than 3,000 million dollars.

We create solutions which help to improve peoples lives. The industries represented by CADIEEL are the main engines of the technological progress of the country. Our products constitute transversal technologies which determine the innovation and growth rhythm of all the branches of the economy.


Mission & Values

  • Helping the competitive development of a technologically updated national industry, with an enterprise solidarity and social responsibility.

  • Being the organism of maximum representation of industrial enterprises of the sector which promotes in a responsible way the industrial development in a local, regional, global environment, with high technology and quality services.

  • Representation of the industrial activity sector in all the country.
  • EEquality in the assistance to problems brought by its partners.
  • Operate in a proactive way with all the sectors that have as an aim the correct and prosperous business growth.
  • Will and strength to create a solid, environmental friendly industry, assuring the official support and the support of those entities related to the activity.
  • Efficiency in the operative and administrative activities of the institution.

  • Give CADIEEL and its associates in all areas directly or indirectly related to the sector an institutional presence.
  • Promote the Entrance in new markets and the fulfillment of business for the associates, by means of the presentation of the companies and products in the national, regional and International context.
  • Consolidate, develop and impulse the competivity of sectors we represent.
  • Administrate all those activities which strengthen the industry, generate employment, especially technical and expertise; work with a union vision and with the commitment of taking benefits of technology to all the corners of the country.
  • Represent and defend the associates interest before the public sector, and national, provincial and municipal authorities.
  • Spread and propel the adoption of universal quality principles for products and processes and those applicable to the care of the environment.
  • Generate spaces for cooperation and exchange among companies of the sector and other institutions and entities.
  • Promote the creation of new companies and the investment for the development and enlargement of the existing ones.

  • CADIEEL has as goal the promotion of the development of the electro-electronic industry as strategic sector for the country. Apart from this, it seeks to contribute in the broadcasting and fulfillment of laws which regulate the national purchase and promotes the value of the electric security and the correct electric installments for people and their assets. As reflecting the sector state, CADIEEL works on the strengthening and development of the BIEL light+building so that it is the most important sector event in Latin America.


The Argentine Chamber of Electronic, electro mechanic and lighting, is directed and administered by a Committee, which by command of the Partners Assembly makes the bylaws fulfilled.

President Committee
Ing. Jorge Luis CavannaPresidentCavanna S.A.
Dr. Javier Tizado (h.) Vice-president ITubos Trans Electric S.A.
Ing. Rubén Cocca Vice-president IIMicrotrol S.R.L.
Mag/Lic. Hugo Víctor Magnotta Vice-president IIIFadalex S.R.L.
Jorge Sanguinetti SecretaryDICOMTEC S.R.L.
Sr. Aníbal Bagnato ProsecretaryReproel S.A.
Sr. Carlos Pera TreasurerSMT Solutions S.R.L.
Sra. Paola Weber ProtreasurerMotores Czerweny S.A.
Sr. Pablo Arangio Febbo VocalMotores DAF
Ing.César Obregón VocalTADEO CZERWENY S.A
Sr. Javier Viqueira VocalAdox S.A.

Board Commission:
Name Company
Ing. Jorge Luis Cavanna Cavanna S.A.
Dr. Javier Tizado (h.) Tubos Trans Electric S.A.
Ing. Rubén Cocca Microtrol S.R.L.
Mag/Lic. Hugo Víctor Magnotta Fadalex S.R.L.
Ing. Jorge Luis Sanguinetti Dicomtec S.R.L.
Sr. Carlos Pera SMT Solutions S.R.L.
Sr. Aníbal BagnatoReproel S.A.
Sra. Paola WeberMotores Czerweny S.A.
Sr. Pablo Arangio FebboMotores DAF
Ing. César Obregón Tadeo Czerweny S.A.
Sr. Javier Viqueira Adox S.A.
Sr. Gustavo Alonso AriasIndustrias Wamco S.A.I.C.
Dr. Ezequiel Angelillo-Mac KinleyIluminación Optoelectrónica
Ing. Carlos FolignaConextube S.A.
Sr. Leandro LaraZoloda S.A.
Sr. Juan Pablo Laurino Inarci S.A.
Ing. Gustavo Manfredi Fohama Electromecánica SRL
Ing. Daniel Mino CAT S.A.
Ing. Américo Perillo EMA Electromecánica S.A.
Ing. Pascual Perella Tevycom Fapeco S.A.
Cdor. Lauro Serra Artelum S.A.
Ing. Enrique Shoji Dai Ichi Circuitos S.A.
Sr. Dante Starkloff Assisi S.R.L.
Cdor. Lauro Serra Artelum S.A.
Sr. Osvaldo TargónLuciano Targón - S.E.I.
Sr. Segundo Videla Beltram Iluminación S.R.L.

Accounts Controllers:
Sr. Derrick ChristensenMixdeal S.A.
Sr. Mario VázquezLos Conce S.A.

Alternate account controller:
Ing. MBA Rubén BertonattiNexans Optel S.A.

Sra. Mabel Riemersma Manager